Summer “To Do” List of 2012

Each year, the Tartlets and I come up with a list of things we MUST do during the summer. Last year, the list was long and we did most of what we set out to do (check out our list and photos here). This year, our list means a bit more. As we started coming up with the things we want to do, we all were a bit emotional, realizing it was our last summer in Regensburg. The “To Do” list took on a different importance.

This is a work in progress… we will definitely add to our list, as well as post photos of us accomplishing our tasks, so – be sure to book mark this page, or stop by often to see how we are doing!

√ Pick strawberries

√  Pick blueberries and go through the corn maze


  • Have breakfast at Early Bird

√  Go to the pool – LOTS of times already! 

  • Play at the playgrounds –

(Frankfurt playground)  

√ – the nearby park

  • –  the far away park (by RT Bad)

√ –  and the far, far away park (near the Danube/Westbad)

√  Play with friends

√  Have sleep overs

  • Feed ducks by the Danube River
  • Eat Würstlsemmel at the Wurstküche
  • Explore the many museums in Regensburg

√  Take a Danube River Boat cruise

√  Eat and play at beer gardens

√  Take long bike rides

√ Have a picnic (maybe by the Stone Bridge)

  • Fly kites
  • Go to Legoland
  • Play at Playmobil Fun Park

√ Ride the Rödelbahn at the Bavarian Forest Monte Kaolino.


  • See the animals at the Nuremburg or Munich Zoo

√  Buy fresh veggies and fruit at the farmer’s market, then make something with them

√  Sell things at the Kinderbazzare – The girls made €16/each!

  • Pick wild flowers

√  Check out Regensburg Kinderfest  Visit Friends in Frankfurt for the weekend

√  Have a party before we move – Scheduled for July 21!

√  Eat ice cream

  • Make ice cream

√ Make bleached out t-shirts


(Added June 6)

We started thinking we need to add some American things to our list, since we’re moving back and need to get a bit excited. Since we’ll only have a few weeks back in the States before having to send the tartlets to school, we’re giving ourselves until Labor Day to complete it. So, here goes, the American version of the “To Do” List:

  • Go to American Girl Store
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Brookfield Zoo
  • Play at the Lake Michigan beach
  • Bike ride to our “new” pool
  • Catch fireflies
  • Make s’mores around a campfire in our backyard
  • Sell lemonade at a lemonade stand
  • Go to a concert at Ravinia
  • Play with new – old friends
  • BBQ at our “little house”
  • Camp in our backyard
  • Microwaved Ivory Soap

Are you planning on making a list with your kiddos? Have you done it in the past? Leave us a comment or link-up your blog using the Linky Tools and, if you like, grab the link-up button at the very bottom of the page!! We can’t wait to see what all of you are doing this summer too!

Here’s to a memorable summer!

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9 Responses to Summer “To Do” List of 2012

  1. Micha says:

    Hey, we have some of the same things on our list and it would be great to do them together….like picking blueberries, Trampolino on a rainy day, RT Bad….. 😉

  2. Suzanne says:

    Does that mean you’re selling at Kinderbürgerfest ?

  3. Amy H says:

    Looks like you are going to have one packed and fun summer ❤

  4. Katie says:

    Hello! Strawberry picking is on our agenda too – they are already ready to go here!

    I’m hosting a {summertime} to do list link up over on my blog right now. Feel free to link up! Thanks!

  5. Jenn says:

    I still need to write mine – when does summer “officially” start, anyway?

    Still kicking myself that we haven’t made it over to see you before you leave. Grrr.

    • I started our official summer to do list kick off June 1-ish. Though the kiddos don’t finish school here until July 31 – ugh – and 3 weeks later start school in their “home” country. Kind of crazy. I can’t believe we didn’t meet up either, but you never know, I can harass our other friend into submission and we’ll have a girls weekend!

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